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Our store is now closed, and we would like to thank all our fantastic customers for your business and friendship for 45 years.

We still have a few gas fireplaces and gas free standing stoves available at greatly discounted prices.

Just leave a message at 707-771-5160.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a great alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. The maintenance is very low and you can use them on "no burn" days. Turn them on when you need heat or ambiance and turn them off again when you are done. See our full line of gas fireplaces or stoves.

Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are still one of the best ways to heat a home or cabin. Now with new ultra-efficient models, the cost to heat your home is even lower. Because new stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently there is less ash to clean up. Click to see our full line of wood-burning stoves.

Custom Installation

We can install your gas or wood stove or fireplace for you. We have the expertise and the experience. We can even build you a complete outdoor gas or wood-burning feature to keep you and your guests warm or for cooking. Click to see photos of installations we have done.

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